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We will be publishing "Just Add Water" over the gospel of John soon!

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"Just Add Water" -  A Devotional Journal over Ephesians, Colossians & Philemon.

Author: Jimmy Bayes

This publication is the first of a series of devotional journals that takes the disciple through entire books of the Bible using the SOAP (scripture, observation, application, prayer). It is designed to read, understand, and apply the Word of God to a disciple's life.

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21 DAY DEVOTIONS: Start with who He is

Author Sierra Bayes

We cannot really know God until we have a better understanding of His character. This devotional book highlights twenty-one characteristics of God.

The author is a high school senior that God has called to help young people grow in God. She has a heart for helping youth, especially young women whose lives have been touched by human trafficking. Written from the perspective of a youth, this book is inspiring for all ages.


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EMPOWERMENT: Understanding the Theory Behind Empowerment

Author: Jimmy D. Bayes, Ph.D.

Social groups seek to empower their members, corporations are discovering the benefits of empowering their employees, and organizations seek to empower groups and individuals so that these groups can gain control of their lives and be successful. Empowerment efforts fall under the categories of social empowerment, structural empowerment, or psychological empowerment. This book gives the theoretical background for each aspect of empowerment and lays the foundation for an integrated model of empowerment.

"Divine empowerment" is addressed in this book and also provides the foundation for a four phased integrated empowerment model that includes the social, structural, psychological, and divine aspects of empowerment.


Startup Power: An Entrepreneurial Guide to Starting Your Own Business

Author: Jimmy Bayes, Ph.D.

"Startup Power" began as a manual for entrepreneur workshops. It has been expanded and now includes a glossary of entrepreneurial terms, an outline for a feasibility study, and an outline for a business plan. This book gives you everything you need to start your new business.

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