Divine Empowerment



Divine empowerment occurs when a person becomes connected to God through Jesus Christ by answering a divine call and participates in God's divine plan. A person is empowered as they become members of God's family receiving authority from  the risen Christ to fulfill their individual divine mediating role.

A 2011 Gallup poll found that 9 of every 10 Americans believe in God. About the same time a Pew research reported that almost 93% of Americans consider themselves Christian and only 2.4% of Americans call themselves atheist. Interestingly, 24% of those that call themselves atheist also consider themselves spiritual. The point is that the majority of Americans are spiritual at their core.



Newsweek, Time, Fortune, and Business Week have each highlighted the growing acceptance of spirituality in the workplace. While organizations have not started endorsing spiritual activities or religion, many have started considering the spiritual needs of their employees.

Identifying divine power:

  1. Do you have a strong belief in God?
  2. Do you have a sense of calling and meaning to life?
  3. Do you make conscious attempts to understand and connect with God?
  4. Do you believe there is a greater authority than man?
  5. Are you connected to a social group that shares your belief in God?

Spiritual empowerment happens when these five aspects are encouraged and developed.

Dunamis Model of Divine Empowerment

Dunamis Empowerment Foundation promotes a model of divine empowerment that includes five elements taken from an analysis of Ephesians 4:1-16 where the risen Christ empowers Christians for leadership. [We use the term divine to distinguish it from spiritual empowerment outlined above.]

The five elements of "divine empowerment":

  1. Calling: Divine empowerment begins with a calling from God. This calling is primarily a call to be connected to Him by believing in Jesus Christ as savior, but also includes a vocational calling. Everyone has a divine purpose in life.
  2. Participation: We are called to join Him in His divine plan. God is not idle, but is always gathering people to Himself and we have been called into participation with the trinity.
  3. Membership: We are also called to be a member of His family by accepting Christ as savior. God's family is also called His body or His church. Although not everyone is called to work in a church, we have all been called to help others beyond ourselves.
  4. Authorization: Accepting this call and becoming part of God's family, we are then authorized directly by our resurrected Lord to accomplish our divine assignments.
  5. Mediating Role: Finally, we have all been given a mediating role that helps connect others to God and brings them to spiritual maturity and unity in God's family.

We are empowered as we discover and initiate our divine calling and purpose. We can empower others by helping them discover their divine calling and purpose.

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