A Powerful Force

12/01/2015 9:16 AM -

People have a tremendous capacity to effect the lives of others. We empower others when we help them improve their lives so that they have more control of their lives and accomplish the things they desire.

Empowerment is a force!

"Force" is a push or pull upon an object resulting from the interaction between two objects. It does not require a physicist or a sociologist to see that people affect each others' lifes -- for the good or for the bad. 

In every life, there are two forces at work. Driving force is the positive force that helps a person achieve things in their life. Then there are resisting forces. These are negative forces that keep a person from being able to have control of their lives and stop us from moving forward.

The formula for success is simple in theory: to strengthen driving forces and to eliminate resisting forces. However, it is imminently more difficult in daily life.

The DUNAMIS EMPOWERMENT FOUNDATION was established on three principles:

1. Everyone needs empowering in some area of life.

2. Everyone has the ability to empower others.

3. Power is having the ability, confidence, and the resources to control their environment and pursue their dreams.

You have the ability to positively affect the lives of others.

Use your force for good!

Learn more about empowerment by downloading our free ebook "Empowerment" here.

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