Empowered by God

10/16/2015 7:21 PM -


Defining terms is important for good communication. Some terms have several possible meanings and sometimes a word or phrase has negative connotations for some people. Dunamis has found that some people don't care for the term "Divine Empowerment" because it is too vague and can mean lots of things.

We purposely used the term "divine" instead of "spiritual" for the same reason. When a person says that they are "spiritual" they are usually distinguishing themselves from organized religious groups. Even many atheists say that they are "spiritual."

Many people and organizations have realized that most people believe in some divine being. It is no wonder that people begin seeking their "higher power" in times of trouble. Most people are aware of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. For Maslow the highest need is self-actualization, but in the nineties, some placed "transcendence" at the top of the pyramid. Transcendence is defined as seeking something beyond the physical level, but many just define it as putting others ahead of themselves. The addition of transcendence acknowledges man's need to be connected to his creator.

People who use the Empower 4 model may define "divine power" any way they choose similar to how "higher power" is defined in Twelve Step programs. However, Dunamis defines divine power as power from God through Jesus Christ.


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